I pray that this month may prove for whole the muslim ummah the month of sprinkling showers of kindness and blessings. As in Quran is mentioned clear and sound that we must go hand in hand. One individual must treat other as his/her brother/sister. We in this planet must be the ones who are helpful to one another. As our first and for most label is that we are Muslims. So what we have been labeled accurately. We need to rewind our goodwill how much we are providing justice of that label.Today my view goes over the signs. Those signs that are representing any country or any cultural heritage. Whenever we want to go for a visit or whenever we are picking any of the place that is unknown to us and unseen to we people. What one usually do seems to be relayed on certain signs. As one is unknown of that region. What he/she does put faith on those labels. I am not saying that labels stitch on walls, in Gardens, on entry and exist doors are of no need. No not at all my dear readers. They are the sign of indication. They indicate the quality ,quantity, or sometime preface of any area. They give proofs to individuals regarding that part on what labels and signs are stitched. The place through the signs or Labels can be located too. These labels and signs make us remember what ought is right and wrong. These labels and signs in my perspective has a great importance. One also getting information on the books too. Labels we have to know are acting for us as the rewinding value. Say for example if a labeled label is stitched in a Garden and Label is messaging we people that don’t pluck flowers but still we pluck flowers. It identified we as not the civilized ones. So we must really respect that what label and signs are suggesting we people to do, we may have to follow. They are acting as a guide too in our lives at most of the times. The biggest issue with we is that we are taking easy of these labels and signs. We sometimes listen that for example Kashmir is a Heaven, but in reality the Heaven getting charged into hell if talking of environment. Jammu and Kashmir was the ideal for other states of India as per pollution and deforestation etc. As like J&K any other place identified as dangerous. I never accept these past given Labels Names and Signs. There are some signs or Labels that needs a chance of change. Do you know why because in this planet nothing is gonna remain in a stagnant manner. As the living species grow as per time passes. Same happens with these Labels and signs stitched for any noun. The Label and sign are very advantageous. Another example I have that we call Switzerland the heaven that never mean it’s heaven but a label is labeled that place to be called as heaven. These are some earned names that are quoted for certain places like Kashmir and Switzerland had attained, maybe because of natural picturesque. As the Kashmir is statured is not same. We can view the dumping pits open. All the necessities put under the shape of garbage. My mind set is saying the name in popular a noun is known is seen changing its shape, size and ideal approach. That is why I am calling that labels and signs are just a card fixed on any place. Some signs and indications are just picturesqued in imagination. A period of 02 year, 05year or 10year is changing all the scenario. Any place for example getting in list of clean but to keep it in a stagnant manner is very much impossible for that certain place. As by the time proceeding a good place may get in list of bad one too it’s all dependent on we the shapers of certain noun for bad to good. Some of our misfortunes are not working in proper that is why in some cases we are going against these Labeled Labels or signs which one never has to go. These Labeled Labels and Signboards are just like an individual giving the guidance. So they actually act as an individual who is making we to know about the Do’s and Don’t’s in this part of the world. So if we have the signboard saying go ahead we must proceed as per law. If we are barred to proceed on we need to fallow the same obligations. These Signboards are at present very much important for the traffic rules to be put on track. As due to the increase in traffic we fall under shortage of roads like highways. That is resulting in maintenance of a calculus records in accident cases. As the indicator gives the direction towards right but the driver moving left. The Labels and Signboards need to be followed in its keen focus. They (Labels or Signboards) are giving we people the right vision but shame on we people we don’t go as per the sayings of labels and Signboards.
What I am trying to say is we need not to be relayed on certain indications. It is prediction not a law that gets planted for a lifetime. Any place Labeled as City of peace may not remain always like it is known, because of certain ups and downs are the part and parcel of certain noun. In the meantime I would like to convey my readers I am not against peace. I wrote just to get you understood of the viewpoint I have conveyed. It is not upon the labels and signs or indicators we are going through, but the people go through by the situations they are facing. If the situation to any certain noun is going good nothing is gonna change in that noun in response we may notice a great advancement in that noun. So it needs a Signboard and a Certain Labels to be followed.


By Mudasir Ahmad Wadoora Sopore