Our body to we people is a great endowment. It’s up to we people for keeping it safe, healthier, secure. One of the greatest quotations “Health is Wealth”. We have to remember ever £ ever. Our health to be cared is depending upon some of the main £ Important organs like Kidney, Liver, Brain, Digestive System, present inside our body. As due to the development £ preferred techniques the natural food getting replaced £ is hard to get. Nowadays we are having foods full of side effects. We have to be real that no one from the outside is responsible of your health it’s you yourself. Almighty Allah has bestowed us with the fantabulous thing our body so it’s up to we to have care of every organ we have but we at this stage are going through a period were we face dangerous diseases it’s only we who are giving birth to the miserable negative elements that now are frequent in one shape or other i mean to say strange diseases. It used to happen only because quality foods are replaced in place of non virtual diet that why we can witness hospitals are populated what shouldn’t be. Only because of markets are populated with unsafe,unsatiesfied foods that’s why whole world is battling to get that threat cured £ cared. At many stages we are required to have the assistance of It’s dangerous disease because one didn’t have any idea of being caught up by the disease until & unless it makes its way into the Kidneys that is why we can call it a silent killer too. One can only pick it up when it shapes our interior with the disastrous image. Our kidneys are one of the important part of our body present on the backside of our abdominal Cavity. It maintain the overall health of our body, because in our body what is important that our body must function in a right way for that our Kidneys need to be in a proper health. Kidney help our body to throw away the waste products from our body. It helps also in keeping blood cells balanced. Above all it also helps in maintaining the presence of water in our body. More importantly Kidneys also help our body in balancing the nutrients, so that the nutrients losted in our body are retained easily thus outputs the toxic chemicals away from our body.
I am not saying that illness is not happening it’s a happening thing. The word health refers to a state of complete well being. A person when found Physically and emotionally charged is healthy one. Sometimes a person needs some sort of Healthcare to safeguard health from sudden illness and weakness. Thus healthcare is the existence of help for people to maintain this optimal state of health. Healthcare centers are executed to provide better most suggestions and treatments. I as per my opinion think very low level of the patients are better treated and suggested. These healthcare centers are only now seen the rooms with no medicine or aid mostly. Do you know why I have targeted healthcare centers if I am not wrong these mobile rooms at most have empty shelves, with in a diploma holder with no hold on health issues. That is why and what for society seen with most health issues, because the suggestions a patient wishing are not going to get. The treatment one is hopefully willing to get is impossible. The little initiatives are started from the beginning. These moble room healthcare centers need to label a sign board how to cure from the different diseases. They must run campaigns. It is not only up to the team associated with in that field but we too need to aware somehow to our families. What ought is good and what is not good for our health. 1948 is just a date for we people now. As none of us is caring the health issues. We need to know that 1948 is just not a date in history records but need to give that date the importance is important. It was 7th April 1948 an organization was set up for the awareness of health issues. The sense of we people need to get aware so that to make people cautious of the health issues.
So what at the initial stage we have to curb £ what are the signs £ Symptoms of a Kidney Failure??? We need to be attentive towards this dangerous disease KCD. That at present is enslaving the lives. Why does it happen? Is better mentioned in first paragraph £ Is because of we have changed the trends,methords £ techniques ,the dietary supplement schedule, as must not but giving preference to the unsafe market foods or any other element that is being an issue with our Kidneys. I feel we have been in the mechanized schedule that is unsupported to our lives, but for the easiness we prefer the fruits that are avoidable for KCD ones avoid citrus £ high potassium fruits. Fruit that has highly ascorbic acid.We at the stage are agreed to have them (Unsafe Foods) but as the time processes on we by our are critical of those foods whom we have been suggesting for ourselves £ for others. The dietary supplement schedule we opt is poison we are inhaling £ at any stage of our life may let us feel unhealthy. So I’m in concern if we as diet have something it must be harmless, ineffective, £ good for our health. The signs of a Kidney Failure so that to curb it from the initial stage £ never let it prove dangerous for our selves. One who is found of this disease is found of Swelling in body parts like feet, hands, face,lower part of eyes etc, unless £ until the poisoned toxics may not come out with urine one feels that swelling in body parts. When one feels that he/she is in continues exhaustion £ feel something uncertain happenings that is the sign of Kidney Failure as fetegue £ weakness is the sign of kidney failure. One who is found of Kidney Failure has the anemia. Due to the unhealthiest Kidneys the toxic chemicals didn’t make their way out. Due to anemia the toxic chemicals, waste products get a collective place inside our body. Muscle cramps. Itching. Worse Concentration etc, These are some of signs mentioned. They are counted as in five stages. It as a human is first our own responsibility to curb such markets that are unsafe as per food. The environment too plays a vital role in keeping one physically £ mentally safe £ secure. We need not to give place that sort of environment in our families who are unaware of the unsafe foods thus on occasions ,anniversaries & on festivals order such poisonous foods. They need to be acknowledged for that we need to take use of seminars or little campaigns to make public vigilant of what to have or have not. We of our own have to change all that none from the outside. Change the trends £ leave the technical varieties. Put yourself in excirsies. Don’t let yourself to sit alone for long. Make yourself busy with the schedules of life. Don’t think be positive, as most of the diseases get evolved due to said facts. The markets should not intake with them the poisonous foods after that its Government bodies that should take notice over the faults through which one is feeling unsafe and unsound. Right to life is being snatched by none but it’s we who act as culprits who are responsible for all that. The synthetic colours used in various dishes needs to be barred as its unsafe for many reasons. Departments of food need to be vigilant over such concerns. Pharmacists £ other knowledgeable ones may take note of that, why Kidney disease is from uncommon to common now. We all need to take the beneficiary neutrinos. We have to change the cultural trends to focus on the suggestions, £ access on the old dietary supplements those artificial ones we have to say bye in my imagination we would be safe £ healthy. I recognize we all are in chase of the Covet Passion £ Lust until £ unless Health is not Salubrious Fit Robust we may never win the chase of Appetency Yearning Hankering or the Propension. Take every part as an organ of your body. Why I am saying that because if we go in touch with any office we have to adopt £ adjust ourselves. If we can’t we may get eliminated. So have a great passionate life to live. Don’t let your organs to be eliminated thus to have place of artificial ones. As the function real organ does may not function the artificial ones. The artificial organ is of less time span than real ones. The gift to you the Kidney needs to be safeguarding, caring, proper nutrition as well as true nourishment. The specialty of organ like kidney is to maintain overall fluid level £ blood flattering. I at lost may call it as loss of organ is loss of a health.


By Mudasir Lone wadoora sopore