04/March/2022:  The Socio-Political Activist and Student of Houza Ilmia Qom  from Central Kashmir Ganderbal Syed Karar Hashmi has lashes out Prime Minister of Pakistan over rising graph of attacks on the Shias in Pakistan. The heart rendering martydom of 32 Worshipers during Friday prayers at Peshawar Mosque by the hands of sucide bomber is an eye opener to understand systematic “ethnic cleansing” of Shia Muslims at the hands of extremist groups in Pakistan. 

Hashmi added that the sad story of Shia’s in Pakistan is heart rendring Since 2001, more than 2,600 Shias have been killed in violent attacks in Pakistan. The enforced disappearances of young Shia activists in Pakistan has been an issue of grave concern as an estimate of more than 700 people are still missing in Pakistan.The government and its institutions are either apathetic or incapable of addressing the plight of shias in Pakistan. Why  PM of Pakistan Imran Khan has failed in taking to task perpetrators, financiers and sponsors of terrorism in Pakistan ? 


Syed Karar Hashmi said that Pakistan is a bleeding nation today, as it was yesterday. It is hard reality that not a single perpetrator of any crimes against the Shia Community  has ever been prosecuted in Pakistan. The government’s failure to put an end to these attacks is as shocking as terrorism.Government’s should take all necessary measures to stop Sunni extremist groups in Pakistan from committing further killings and other abuses against Shia Muslims.Unless the Pakistani army and government take all necessarily political reforms and other urgent measures to stop campaign of violence and hate against Shias , it will, unfortunately, continue to take toll. 

Our deep sympathy and condolences to the families of the victims of this heinous crime against humanity at Peshawar Mosque . Hashmi added