KashmirCare’s 10th Covid awareness and mobilisation vaccination programme will be conducted at Hakura Anantnag at 11 am on Wednesday August 18. We expect large participation of people in the camp.

Even though covid-19 cases have come down to a large extent, we shouldn’t lower our guard and should adhere to Covid protocol and vaccination. In our previous eight camps held in north Kashmir, south Kashmir and Srinagar we have distributed Covid kits among doctors, paramedical staff, Covid-19 patients, and their attendants, and to people visiting the hospital and the general public. We have organised a vaccination programme for vulnerable sections like transgenders.


In our camps, we have been doing a live demonstration of SOPs for the prevention of Covid-19. In the coming programmes, like the previous ones, we will be taking queries about vaccination concerns and misconceptions. We will spread information about the importance of vaccination. We will create awareness and conduct door to door vaccinations. We will be distributing masks and multivitamins to people who will get vaccinations at our camps. We will be also distributing medications to boost immunity like multivitamins. We will be doing post-Covid counselling according to need.

KashmirCare is a group of like-minded people, who believe it is their responsibility and duty to assist the NGOs and others working on the ground. KashmirCare was founded by Nadima Nazir with a motive to reach out to people in the Covid pandemic through NGOs and Mohalla Communities.