Kashmir Crown Desk:
Kashmir Crown has become one of most viewed and Top most subscribed digital news platform in the valley of kashmir.
One of the most-viewed news channels on YouTube in Kashmir,crown has a total 13 thousand number of uploads on its official YouTube channel since its creation on December 23,2016.The total subscriber count is over 4 lakh and 21 thousand and the channel has so far generated almost 7 billion video views. The channel generates an estimated monthly revenue of $ 1000 to $ 1500.
Kashmir Crown Media group has more than 2 Million subscribers across J&K and globally. Kashmir Crown has its key brand Kashmir Crown Newspaper and the most strongest and widely watched digital setup based in Srinagar.
The network is owned by its founder Shahid Imran who is also Editor-In Chief of the group.Shahid Imran has made remarkable change in the field of Journalism in J&K after setting a new trend of fighting against social evils and exposed many quakes and fake faith healers. Imran is Mass.communication Post Graduate from Central University of Srinagar Garwal and is currently going into PHD program in Journalism.
one of the separate entity run by Kashmir Crown is also social work activism where thousand families have been given shelter and that social work is separately run by “The Kashmir Crown Trust’