Asalam-U-Alaikum (Greetings) to Kul-Kashiri (entire Kashmir).

Bayo (Brothers) te (&) Bae’nov (sisters), I’m Karim Nonewore,
I actually was hesitant to come out of the frost & talk to you folks, but then this pain-in-the-neck Owais Nanda was persistently adamant, to cash upon my name, bloody shrewd racontenuer that he’s.

I’m a Reed Woel (street vendor).I sell fruits & vegetables from Chandir-Waar (Monday) to Baet-Waar (Saturday).No Ath-Waar (Sunday) is not an off day, l rather sell Bangladeshi clothes on Sundays near Polo View.

I married young, l was 20 only.Today we’re a family of four…Me, Karim Nonewore, my wife Shahmaal Begum, fondly referred as Shahmaal Da’ed, my son Jaan Mohamad, fond name: Jaan Saeb & my daughter Nazia, fond name: Pinky-G.

I studied till standard 9th & then dropped-out in standard 10th.Just to give lift to my academic credentials, l like to call myself an ‘under matric’, you see it gives an impression of high enough literacy in our circles.

As l married & procreated a family, my expenditure amplified while my income remained contrived.
It was then when Shahmaal Da’ed came with the idea of selling on streets.
So l took a loan of 1 lakh rupees from the Kakun Haput’s Bank to set it up.The rendezvous with Reed worked, we were now better off & able to make our two-square meals a day, besides paying back the recurring EMI’s to the bank.

Time elapsed! & we were ecstatic to welcom Jaan Saeb into the family.Time elapsed! & Jaan Saeb graduated from Amar Singh College, topping in the stream of science.
Jaan Saeb, now, wanted to persue MBA, the idea underneath this stream change was to find a job quicker, MBA being a professional & lucrative management course would serve the purpose.

To our glee, Jaan Saab qualified the three tier aptitude exam, he would now study in The Business School, University of Kashmir.Albeit, the fee of the course was 1 lakh rupees.
How were we going to arrange such an amount at such a short notice?
Jaan Saeb started contemplating dropping out, & then my beloved Shahmaal Da’ed came with a brilliant idea of taking assistance from the Kakun Haput’s Bank yet again.
Kakun Haput’s Bank quickly processed the loan, owing to my previous creditworthiness.And, so, Jaan Saab went to the Business School.

Time elapsed! & my Jaan Saeb earned an MBA in Finance.He had topped his batch & was thereby conferred a gold medal by none less than the president himself.
Our days of misery seemed to be limited now, with Karim Nonewore & Shahmaal Da’ed being very hopeful about their Jaan Saeb’s professional prospects.

Jeelani Saab, one of my good acquaintances, whose father was a Peer (faith-healer), & who would often buy vegetables from my Reed, wouldn’t talk the way he talked to me earlier.Reason being: Jaan Saeb cracked the university entrance exam, while Ubair Jeelani, Jeelani Saab’s son, couldn’t.
I would often pass an over friendly smile at Jeelani Saab, but he would often drub it aside.
Not saying Jeelani Saab isn’t a good human, it’s just this human malice that comes in between.
Never-the-less, Jeelani Saab & l were on talking terms & he would inform me that Ubair was sent to IIPM Delhi, to persue his MBA.He would often talk about some Arindham Chaudhary & that how prestigious this IIPM was.

Time elapsed! & Kakun Haput’s Bank notified a whooping 1000 posts to be filled by the Pormut Likhmut (qualified) state subjects of J&K.
Jaan Saab applied instantly.How wouldn’t he?

Inbetween l met Jeelani Saab & enquired in good faith, as to whether Ubair had applied too? He dodged the querry.Then Jaan saeb told me, that Ubair had flunked his semester exam & thereby was rendered inelligible for the bank exam.
Such a saddening thing it must have been for Jeelani Saab.

Anyways, Jaan Saeb studied day & night, preparing relentlessly for the bank exam.
As expected he qualified the written exam.
We got him a new coat-pent-tie for the interview.
We could see it in his sparkling eyes, he was about to wed his dreams.
The interview was over, Jaan Saeb had confidently answered all 6 questions he was posed.

After a prolonged wait results were declared…Jaan Saeb couldn’t find his name in the selection list, he checked it once, twice, thrice, but to no avail.
Shahmaal Da’ed, like the way she would put up in every adversity, wore a broad smile, asking Jaan Saeb to buckle-up again & that by Allah’s grace success will eventually follow.

My Nokia-2626 pings, it’s Jeelani Saab, sounding gung-ho,

“Pagah Chu Sarni Saal, Yezav Zaroor, Jaan Saeb Te Aenzoon Seeth”
(All of you’re invited for tomorrows festivity at our home, do come, & do bring Jaan Saeb along).

Ubaid had made it.He is figuring at serial number 15 in the selection list.

And, and, l’m called Karim Nonewore for a profound reason.

By Owais Nanda
The author is an educator, an alumni of B-School University of Kashmir & holds a Masters in Business Administration as well a Masters in Public Administration.
He could be reached at