The idea of setting up a Delimitation Commission and subsequent draft reports are totally discriminatory and partisan. It aims at to appease and gratify one particular sect and leave other altogether- Adv Abdul Majid Banday.

Handwara, Feb 6: Terming the recent draft report of “delimitation commission”, one sided, biased, partial and partisan, Adv Abdul Majid Banday, a social and political activist from Handwara, has raised the question on the rationale of forming a delimitation commision itself and the subsequent re- drawing of the boundaries of Assembly and Parliamentary constituencies.

“Since Jammu and Kashmir is a Union Territory now, all decisions are taken by the Central Govt. This is to keep the wheel of democracy moving on. However, all the decisions post August 5, 2019, have proved detrimental to the majority of people of J & K. While as such acts mean a win- win situation for a particular community and region, other half has been reduced to a populace of sub- human race”.

Mr Banday while explaining the rationale of redrawing boundries of constituencies in J & K said, ” this has resulted in the unnatural addition and alteration of the local areas, Assembly constituencies and Parliamentary segments which can not be justified in any way. It seems to be favouring a particular ideology. Additionally, while as some regional parties are getting benefits at some places, others are left unattended with overall majority population left numb and without any say”.


Terming this report as discriminatory and prejudiced, Mr Banday said, ” with this report, delimitation commission has pitched one region against the other and has attempted to widen the already existing gap between the various groups that has seen a sudden rise during the present political regime. Therefore, this needs to be condemned at every front”, he added.

“In a place like J & K which is seen as a nuclear flashpoint between the two neighbouring countries, any addition or alteration of such magnitude is going to bring in more alienation among the common masses and respective countries may take it or exploit it for their own advantage. So steps of this kind of nature may have serious repurcussions. This may lead to any unfortunate and irreversible misadventure that can alter the course of History”.

“All regional parties of J and K must come together at this crucial time, rise above their personal interests and set up a strategy to counter such nefarious designs. Otherwise, we are going to ruin our present and at the same time set up a bad precedent for the generations to come. Our coming generations will never forgive us if we don’t act responsibly at this point of time”, added Mr Banday.