I have two views that are sledging in my mind. One is a Scientific View and other a Philosophical one. I may first like to have a brief light on Scientific view. Unless you are an Ape, Mandrill or a Monk who knows how to type ( no offense). You definitely belong to Human Beings. As you first belonging to your parents who belonging to the Kingdom: Animalia, Phylum: Chordata, class: Mammalia ,family: Primates, Genus :Homo, Species: Sapiens. So you are a Human Being. You are a primate mammal as you have an analysing developed machine in your physique structure called as Brain. You are having or possessing or inheriting the same genotype your parents having. So as per scientific view it’s clear you are a Being Human. Now taking the same as philosophical view A Human being is one who acts positively reject the negative thoughts at most. So in my imagination and thought it is you who Cares, Protects, Gives, Serving selflessly I need not to go deep one behavioural of such quality is Being Human. One going against that is a beast.
Human being is on dates only seen sticking on signboards, Tags, and social mantra the way as he/she must, but ashamed not applied by him/herself . At most not acting as Being Human. We thought others to have a lifeline as Being Human. When it come to we people it never get followed likewise. We on certain elements, certain degrees are improper or in other words we are failing out. We are falling to represent ourselves as Being Human. It’s actually we never have got the volumes of Being Human. We don’t even know the definition of it. How far could we be and behave like Human. It is until and unless we don’t get it. So it is important for we people who acting as organizers organize the situation. We as the responsible ones are taking responsibilities. We as a Guide are guiding the certain elements. We as Dictating agencies Dictate the people. We as leaders leading the Nation. We are giving very much importance and are ignorant of certain things by our own. Oh!!! Really good have been going if we really as Humans we may have treated our universe. In my concern it’s very unfortunate. As Being a Human we never are seen active and attending like Human. That is for what the Human is full of critics. Human is now no more Human. Humans have lost their approach, their cresima. Human is now not living a life but playing a game with the universe. We as human have forgotten each and everything. It was way back in past when one used to hear of a good deed the individual definitely was seen implying that good deed. As on nowadays if one giving lesson to anyone is staged as mad or ill minded person. Date present is enslaved with arrogance if we talk of human behaviour. Date present is reshaped from its original and good-looking one that only by we people feeling proud to be a Being Humans. By flourishing sea of artificial foods through chemicals rather than original one. Still we are signed up as Humans. A person giving superiority to odd activities still called Human. A person labelled as a briber still is a human. A pure hearted person made to sell his/her purity still we call ourselves as being humans. A person found of crime still is a human. A person found of depressing the minor ones but still a Being Human. A person on any Hot seat is getting his/her share (earnings) by fraud means and still he/she is claimed as a great person on this planet. His/Her subordinate Or college is witnessed most of times singing songs of that person who is unlawful as for as his/her earnings . That is totally not a human nature. That is not the real way to inhale the booty of a society. That is totally not the way to entertain the Human character. That is what needs to be off rooted. What is needed is to adore the segments of humbled sence, saturate the character with fuses not unplugged but the in perfection. If we have to run in the present day life and we have to go ahead in dates now. The only and actual character is the character of Prophet Muhammad SAW. The role model for we as Muslims on this planet.
Who is encouraging and entertaining all these persons and all those activities? It we who feeling proud of our bad deeds. Actually we need to know what is the meaning of Being Human??? We need to know who real Human Being is??? What his/her role in for presenting him/herself at present is needed. It’s happening only here the a number of some lists are being put awaited. Some numbers being edited to adjust the ones having approach. It’s like a competition between dishonesty and poverty and dishonesty winning the race. Here Being human once again is cracking. Being Human a sign that is chocked at present. To Being Human is one who is intentionally clear that Almighty created us to know him. We never created a single piece of our own. Almighty Allah created us to adore the wishes of Almighty Allah wishes, not what a person wishing. So go ahead to love Almighty Allah you may automatically in return get the same. If without any reason we spread hatred we are going to be eliminated from the Being Human sign. Almighty Allah gifted us with the countless things to get benefited may be because of having ranked as Being Human. Earth one among them, that’s why Almighty Allah described in Quran “ Enjoy the Earth” It is possibly described so that brotherhood, sympathy, cooperation and peace may get placed. The individual seeming still far from being called as a Being Human As no such intention is visible instead of that an individual is trying in my imagination to get the title of an Irrational one. It is because what nature and society wishes for we people is not met. That is only because an individual is acting like a beast. We are reacting with the people in an inhuman way that may further widen gaps between we and society we and nature. That too farthing us from brotherhood, cooperation sympathy and peace. Sometimes we doing wrong activities even though we having awareness. Had it been perfectly done every time then everyone may had got the title of Mr. /Mrs Perfect. Quran defining it clear to we people don’t have pride of yourself, don’t behave arrogant like. There is only one perfect perfection that is Prophet Muhammad SAW. Need of an hour for we people to fallow the footsteps of Prophet Muhammad SAW. You may assume the title of Humanity.
We need to be aware and away from the confusion that we are Being Human. No no not at all there is lot deference in Human Being and Being Human. We need to work hard to gain that title Being Human. We are just gifted with a single title as Human Beings. That too is proving very tough for we people to be called Human Beings. We have lost the way. So talking about the difference Human Being meaning any other Being who is seen busy in eating, sleeping, defending and mating, the four basic living activities of life. This is common amongst all the Beings with difference in quality and quantity. Being Human means the aspiring and the achievement of self realization. All of us are Human Beings but few having aspirations and achievements as in purely based those are the ones who are known to this universe as Being Humans. A simple good quality can differentiate we people from Human Beings to Being Humans. So have little initiatives but concrete and purely based don’t go for big they may never give you change your title from Human Beings to Being . We in present date are lacking of these small little initiatives that are purely based. The world is in confusion reasons are only because we never try to have an initiative we fear of that chance taken if that proves faulty. We putting barriers for others too in taking any initiative. What Being Human means can better be grabbed by these words. Once there used to be a Father with him his Daughter. Day by day passing on Girl child was now grown up. Father to Daughter, Dad is there a single moment for you when I made your emotion in such attachment that your tears got rolled down. Is there any time my Dad??? Dad to Daughter yeah!!!!One such occasion to me when your age was just one year. You used to make your steps👣 by leaning on knees. In front of you I put three things Money, Toys, and Pen. As I was watching and waiting for you what would you opt among three. My Daughter your selection or picking just surprised me as you let all the three choices to go and picking my lap thus giving of importance to a Human Being to get the title of Being Human. That was for the first and last time my tears rolled down. Money the property. Toys the enjoyment or the Pen the Society maker. All of the three options are being left behind thus choosing the adorable adoration of your Dad. My daughter its really not a Dad you had choose, but a Human Being who may definitely try hard for you to be a Being Human for a Society. Thus may became an example for the world. We have to interact with the Family, Friend Circle, or society the way that we may assume the title of Being Human. Keep sticking your character for that tag of what world is searching for the BEING HUMAN. We need to edict in a way that we can evacuate the idea of illness and generate the thinking about Being Human. Being Human a sign and stature of goodness. The sign of saying bye to the negative fluctuations. The sign of birth to the hopeful concerns.

By Mudasir Lone Wadoora sopore