Rafiq Bin Hamid
Illegal extraction of stone, gravel continues unchecked in Nallah ferozpora, authorities in slumber
Residents of Ogmuna kunzar in north Kashmir’s Baramulla district have expressed resentment over the illegal extraction of stones, boulders and gravel from Nallah Ferozpora.
The unabated extraction of material has taken away the pristine of this pretty water stream.
Nallah Ferozpora has its origin from Affarwat Mountain and the Alpather Lake Gulmarg.
nallah Ferozpora is famous for its fish production. This beautiful water stream passes through many picturesque villages including Drung Mahiyan Ferozpora Kunzar Ogmuna etc and the stream continues down into the valley below and joins the River Jhelum.
Illegal extraction has been going in Nallah after September floods ravaged ogmuna and its adjoining villages. The extraction is a huge threat to the stream and the aquatic life. Government has failed to monitor the area and take action against the offenders, Mohd Akbar from Ogmuna told Kashmir Crown
Locals opine that some time back the water of this famous Nallah  used to cure the patients. But it is ironical to mention that today one is not able to even touch its water. It has been polluted by unscrupulous elements and government is in slumber. Tipper and tractor owners have looted this Nallah as they are extracting stones and gravel from the Nallah without any authorization from the government.
It has affected the water and aquatic life and has resulted in declined fish production, said mohd akbar a student.
“While extracting material they are digging big dams and when water increases it moves here and there which results in damaging land and vegetation,” Akbar added.
Residents alleged the tractors and tippers have looted embankments and walls which were damaged by floods.
Unfortunately the Irrigation and Flood Control authorities have failed to monitor the area. Places where the illegal extraction is going on include Ogmuna, Bongam, Karhama, Kunzar, Ferozpora and other adjoining villages.
Talking to Kashmir Crown on Phone, Deputy Commissioner Baramulla said we have already received so many complaints in this regard and i have asked report from SDM Gulmarg the report is expected to come in a week and we will take strict action against voilators.