Attended by more than 150 Muslim scholars and intellectuals from across the globe, the 36th International Islamic Unity Conference was kicked off in Tehran on Wednesday morning. Every year, Iran holds the event on Prophet Mohammad’s birthday anniversary to provide a platform for Muslim scholars to sit and talk about brotherhood and unity. Figures from the Islamic World attend the Islamic event, which is being held in person after two years due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Kashmiri Seminary student of the Al Mustafa International University Howza Ilmia Qom, Syed Karar Hashmi participated in the conference held meetings with many internationally renowned political as well as religious leaders. Conference guests are chosen from amongst the elites and educated figures, the ministers of Muslim countries, scholars and muftis, university professors and other academic and cultural communities inside and outside the country.

During the meetings with fellow scholars, Syed Karar Hashmi termed the unity conference basically an opportunity to create Islamic empathy and reject extremism. In fact, it is very important to face the extremism that lead to the formation of terrorism and are a source of weakness for the Islamic Ummah.


The purpose of the International Islamic Unity Conference is creating unity and solidarity amongst Muslims, developing consensus amongst scholars and scientists to approximate their scientific and cultural viewpoints and presenting practical solutions in order to reach the Islamic Unity and Unified Islamic Ummah in the Islamic World and solving the problems of Muslims and presenting solutions for them.

The Islamic Unity Conference is held to help the Islamic World achieve unity and establish a united Islamic Ummah in order to solve the Muslims’ problems.