Society is being compromised on certain degrees. Compromise is letting birth the uncontrolled odd activities. The people are seen in favour to other people rather to be decisissive of truthfulness. The society is seen to be evolved up with the great negative factor favoritism. It looks like for any organization, for any group and an individual as a kind assistance but frankly speaking I my self feel it as a bunch of bushes upon one is seated. Favoritism is as per me the ladder with out steps. Favoritism and Compromise are neck to neck figures. Favoritism most in past and in present are seen in excircise. Say for example we are in favor to anything but we are very much sure that the thing or person we are in favor is not working, but still we are letting that entity or person to show what is unexpected. Why and for what all that is happening??? Is that so to become the hero for same individual or is that just a sign of dedication???? Almighty Allah knows better than we. But the favoritism and compromise if is shaping anyone’s life it too having a huge drawback. The first thing we neglect is the course of talent running around you. That’s only due to the superiority given to certain people on certain parameters. That makes a lost vision of any person who is particularising some as their favorite. That’s lost of quality to the certain country, society, family etc. The favoritism is a fever that is just originating from the piece of mind that piece of mind making heart to be favorite of someone. My viewers and readers the line I quote doesn’t never mean we must not be favorites of certain individual, or thing, but I mean to say in this fever of favoritism we are leaving the basic things that need to be with a person even on favoritism for any individual is on its peak. The compromise gets the birth only when we are in favor of something or any individual. That’s what is proving expensive for we at times. In present dates we stich and draw the line with rest of the society. It’s not we are creating a gap of positive intends but it’s just we draw a line between quality. By favoritism we always support the favorite ones whether that is proving negative at all the levels. Behind that are in my immediate imagination two to three reasons. First factor of being the favorite maybe because only that dignitary having the impressive and inspiring qualities, but the society not in support of such quality individual that is first factor. The second is that one is only called a favorite so to make good use of such individual in terms of economic growth,social support etcand after full use is behaved like a tissue paper. There are lots of reasons for what one is favouriting any individual. The most times we see society is put under a compromising factor. Very low areas are in a good society where one need a support of compromise. Overall if we pick compromise it is shattered life if full of comprising advents are put in act. Why I have pick up the compromise in links with the favoritism. Because favoritism is not a new term for we people. If we shed out our vision and put an ideal location on past we can hundred percent find that lower blocks were nothing booty was pretend were put on neglecting aptitude. The ones with superior quality were having the public, social and economic support from all the corners of world. Even though we can configure that all over the world a campaign was delt from year to year and for area to area. Do you know what was that campaigning fever to have rights in belt to the human race. So that the expansion of poor and rich may be sorted. So that the response of power to powerful ones may be put to share with the weaker section too. The weaker section the women are seen neglected if we speak of rights so favoritism is not working here for them but if there is support for such weaker section in the parameters that is only to get them used as a tissue paper. They are having rights but only few of sections are getting all that in the kitty. Most of the women are seen put on sideline that is the real present days situation.
On the large number we can see if individual is not applicable of doing anything still the stupid society is assuming such individuals and putting on job skills if having less skills less quality. What happening by that is the quality and skillful society never getting birth. It is a society with none skills and quality power is seen in power. It can be understood with a great example we if are in need of an English Teacher we affixing the creitria of a known candidate. I can take it as only so that one who affixed the qualification bar is already known that the individual he/she has to call for that is in and is applicable. That is the big and real example of compromise and favoritism working on in the date recent. What is happening by this is that we are loosing the quality and are rejecting the real talent and giving place to the duplicate ones. The society then becoming a compromising one and compromise with the fake dark and fake thus the real zeal is being put to stay behind the stage. Presentation being giveaway from real talent to duplicate ones what that means we are living thus in a duplicate society. Until and unless the great idea working power is not put in actual sense but in field of economic growth and social approach the society can have the taste like that.
My message to the public is that we not need to be a shield that protects false. But the boost approach for the real talent. We need not to compromise need not yeh some minor prints are in need to have a compromising boost that doesn’t mean everything is gonna happen by the compromising boost. The favoritism has enslaved we all. That is why the present generation is seen in divisions. We have to overcome from the fear division my readers that is only happening when the different parts of a society are viewing it all that can be met by the favoritism and compromise. Society needs to remember the favoritism and compromise just can lead us to think angrily individually thought individual thinking like such is the biggest hits to the society on different occasional aspects. So at last I can calculate we have to leave the favoritism and compromise every good thing at right time is gonna done.