By Sheema Zehra :

Today is Eid. Do protests rise even on the Eid? Are any clashes witnessed on Eid? she asked.

Whether it be a normal day, a Friday or Eid, where people gather they come on streets and show the annoyance in form of protests. It’s not just a single day of issue; it is the unresolved issue of almost 70 years which means 140 days of Eid. Where the meaning of Eid stands for happiness and smiles are spread all over the globe, Kashmir witnesses mothers with eyes full of tears, longing for their children who are missing, killed or imprisoned for months and years. Thousands of daughters have to sight the moon without their fathers and thousands of widows without their husbands. Can people forget about the years of distress and celebrate Eid with all glee?
Amid all the miseries and gloom, people take part in the celebrations of Eid which marks the end of the holy month Ramadan as the religious norms. A huge crowd is sighted shopping for themselves, their family and their children ahead of Eid. The Eid sets off with the gathering of men, women and children in mosques, Eidgahs and shrines throughout the valley where Eidgah, Hazratbal shrine, TRC and Polo ground are spotted with the highest number of devotees. The curiosity for Eid-ul-fitr begins almost after the 20th Ramadan and Arfa, the day before Eid sets up the preparations for the Eid.
Arfa of last year, I.e. 2018 when people were preparing for Eid Shujat Bukhari, a journalist from valley was assassinated resulting in the break down to the freedom of press. The next day, a civilian was killed and number of people injured. It is since years that Eid has become a day of death for someone or the other. Today also when Eid brought flood of happiness, flood of tears was sighted in the eyes of the family of women who was killed in Kakapora in south Kashmir’s Pulwama district by unknown gunman.
Where Eid brings the fragrance of peace, respect, harmony and charm, the smell of teargases are spread all over the valley. The sound of gun shots are heard rather than the sound of firecrackers and many times when firecrackers are burnt people fear it to be some sun shot somewhere. Eid, the day of freedom becomes the day of restrictions where curfew is imposed in the valley. Nevertheless clashes take place and mothers prefer not to send their sons out of the home terrified about them getting into the clashes.
For how much time will the government keep people under restrictions even on Eid, Ulamas(Religious scholars) under arrest and security forces at every inch of the street? When will the final solution to the Kashmir issue made? When will the valley celebrate Eid as the eve of happiness rather than agony?
At the end of the day these matters have to be taken into account, issue has to be resolved and urge of Kashmiris to peace has to be fulfilled.