Daughter is a superb divine bounty.

Arshad Hussain.

Bestowed upon the fortunate people .
Soul of the body , throb of the live heart ..
Peace of mind , the princess of modesty ..
Life of the parents , light of their eyes ..
Main of love , heart of truth , nest of empathy ..
Ocean of forbearance. ,fragile structure.
Victim of travails mother of sympathy.
How many roles does she play in the world ..!
Daughterhood is the first turn of her trek ..
Kedgy life full of dreams , full of carving s .
What a jubilant life !
What companions!.
She moves her lips , lots at her back and call .
Who dare endure her crying or sneezing?
Parents pass restless nights to give her rest .
With their blood drops do they nourish her.
Their hearts throb with her smiling cheeks .
Interpretation of their dreams , fruit of their toil ..
Their life in her , she in them all the hours .
Like the trees in the depths of the meek earth .
They hug her shadows and smack her warmly ..
The breath of parents the hope if their hopes ..
How can they live without her company ?
Faithful like the hesper to the moon .
Wifehood is the second turn of her trek .
Full of stumbles , full of woes , full of throes.
The princess of her parents now a servant.
Black clouds of darkness cling to her all hours ..
Thunders crash her , gales of tyranny mar her ..
Where is now that parental love to her ?
Where is now that parental love to her?
Dead to her , no smiling chubby cheeks now ,
Sunken trickling eyes with pallid cheek s.
No one to give ear to her heart -rending cries .
Mountains of misfortunes fall on her .
No comfort , no calm no peace no rest she knows ..
Rest is rust , do or die is their slogan ..
Utter not your parents , and brother s names .
Hell to your parents , may he call your brothers soon.
Daughter of beggers brought up in their filth.
What sneers , what banes she devours silently !
What waves rise in her sea only she knows!
Oh , what pictures , she creates in her thoughts!
Playing with parents and siblings is no more .
Colliding with the waves is the fate of girls .
Daughter is an excruciating pain.
Parents know how much the pain pains to them ..
.when heart pains , how can body remain calm .


She plays her debt to nature they rid pain ..

The writter is ex student of Madina public school Gund Khawaja Qasim pattan bla .
Arshad hussaini.

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