Society at times is seen with having fallen in that disease.

We on earth have an identity as Mankind as mentioned in Quran. Thus we need to go as per the sayings of Lord the creator and the teachings of Mohammed SAW. We have with us the family, society, and the relations. It’s our right to be in a behavioral move within it. We need not to have any sort of misbehavior with our family, society & Friends. As we know here in this part of world were none is perfect. So mishappnings are common one of the misleading activity I am going to sketch out is what about we have to think patiently how to eliminate that. The heart and soul of society laying in the Character with loyalty £ Honesty. Society at present is filled up with the negative activists £ positive as well. The world in general but the underdeveloped ones (people) in particular are now seen habitual of gaining the wealth in a shameful way. This is now seen common at every respective manner, in shape of Tea, Table Meetings, etc. What it does has an extreme factor on society. By actions £ activities like this deserved are counted as undeserving ones. It ultimately & automatically make us poor to poorer.

The glorious and salubrious Society is not one that never gives priority to have with them the image of falsehood dishonesty and considering themselves as the best one, no not at all but the society that maybe spotlighted an example for others. We must be careful of ourselves means we are caring our society too, be careful what you eat, be careful too of that money you used in buying those things that you eat, the earnings we get is pure ,clean & permissible. If they are not going to be so,they will add the negative symptoms to your spiritual health and may demolish you. It’s impact is quicker and much more far reaching one. Almighty .Allah not created the societies with having miseries and full of bad deeds, It’s the most responsible we people who are spreading the social illness by activities like putting our honest approach on sale and in reward preference is given to the wealth. All of us have to be of the view that “We are sailing in a Single Boat “ to attain the goodwill truthfulness and a character that may get rewards hereafter. We are of our own making our character, means in actual we are shaping a society. So if we pick up the odd initiatives to shape our character we are choosing odd initiatives too far our society. Almighty Allah created a human being and gave him all the facilities but for positive uses.

Today I have picked up the topic of what you need to be alert and not let the things like such happen in your nearby, Yes the topic you are known of Bribe the worst thing that use to hit our honest approach, our society. The bribe is the elementary aspect used most of the time only to gain and show the false stardom to the purest ones. Almighty Allah says about this in Quran too that “Progeny one after the other, family one after the other they are following suits the father was interested in Almighty Allah and Children too. On condition that there is nothing between the two, that resulted in the contamination of the latter “what that means the father can be as holy as he is but of his income or the fulfillment is not pure it may directly put on the negative impact on his progeny.

This common virus nowadays is eliminating the Character loaded with Honesty. It provides the space for ones that are not seen deserved for any special seat. What it had given birth to is the unpurified society and unpurified social standard for an individual. Bribe at present is something that is used as the shield of reputation and standard that in my sense is not the Healthier lifestyle in our society to represent, because by adoption of such negative thoughts, and force one to get involved in giving and taking the money of that is unlawful and not a purified way to live it means we of our own are the enemies to our society by snatching the rights of others. It better to remain hungry than to have one single penny of unpurified in our pockets. If we did so or are found of doing so it means we are earning in a forbid (Hardam) way .It totally inhumane act and society is seeming involved in that falsehood act with keen interest. Bribery may be counted in the act of stealing £ pinching. This stealing £ pinching can destroy the Society. It can better be understood by this “ When you want something, that is your Job & you are unable to get that job. Do you have ever thought about it £ known why if something is, I want is my job & I am not getting that, don’t you know why?

You have everything thing suitable for that job to have it but still not getting that, Do you know really why? it may use to happen with you because you doesn’t have the money in hand, you dislike the corruption £ Bribery that why you are rejected and one who has nothing under his belt for the same job you had wished but he is a billionaire and time demanding billionaire not the purity dear that is why it happen and nowadays society is involved rarely in bribery. It has definitely defused the level of honor and honest appreance. One who earns by unfair means is devaluing the moral compass of society, or if a man for his right is getting salary and someone says him to give him his share as he had released your pay.. What kind of society are we living in dears were our own right is snatched.

Society at times is seen with having fallen in that disease. The disease that now had targeted every organ of our society. The society full of corruption is giving just the momentum to the exinsity, hatred £ abhorrence We in society are witnessing the signs of depression, and other health issues with us we must have to realize all that to us is happening only because of we act negatively and are misbehaving with the actuality of society and to our souls, because being an honest and a charctered responsible to ones society we have to gave up the misleading activities like bribery otherwise we all will get sinked in the damaged society polluted society and hence may change our identity of our own from Humans to Fraudsters . Corruption is the agent that had made lots to think of their death and are thus ending there lives for a bad act. So at the end my words of wisdom are to be pure, live pure, prefer pure. World is just the preparation for the life hereafter, so develop the signs & symptoms of real society not the fraud one. The society with such fraudsters are making the atmosphere and paralyzed one. Fraudulent activities like relaying on bribery corruption are the activities that pushing an ideal guild under the thoughts of poison. What is really rightly the an act of investment in a positive way is to put our union in a unite thinking only by saying no to those fraudulent activities.


By Mudasir lone

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