WASEEM AH from shaligham bijibehara area of Anantnag district becomes overnight millionaire. While participating in contest on dream 11 Waseem got a good news on Saturday that the team he selected become dream team and in This way his dream come true.

WASEEMS relatives , friends and locals of the shaligham area of Bijibehara congratulated Waseem . The news got circulated on the late night hours and in the early morning every Waseems relatives visited their house .


Waseem while speaking to media said that we face many hardships, “My mother was ill from long time ،we spend a lot of money for her medical treatment ”

Waseem said when I heard that I become overnight millionaire I told my parents and my mother got unconscious۔
He further added٫ ” that I will spend some money from this amount on my poor relatives ۔

At last Waseem said that only with the grace of almighty Allah my dream come true and i become overnight millionaire۔