I am going to share my views not against some individual or against any community. So don’t take it otherwise as I communicate through these written words what I have understood as per my little understanding.

According to many scholars they have various concepts about LOVE  In this column I have just shared this theory to aware you what Robert Sternberg says about love:

Robert Sternberg says that intimacy refers to “feelings of closeness, connectedness, and bondedness in loving relationships”, passion refers to “the drives that lead to romance, physical attraction, sexual consummation, and related phenomena in loving relationships” and decision/commitment means different things in the short and long term. In the short-term, it refers to “the decision that one loves a certain other”, and in the long-term, it refers to “one’s commitment to maintain that love.

Our Prophet Muhammad SAW said :

“The person who is doing extravagant He is the brother of devil”

Nowdays people are treading with Modernization which has created much inconvenience in poor stratum. It is very hard for parents to earn livelihood in these days but their children they get everything they want, like as raiments with modernization and each and everything with numerous prices.  Rich people can afford but poor people can’t afford. I think it is the main reason why poverty is increasing day by day.

Love is the reason of depression It can push into a deep depression. Love is behind the main cause that is Suicide we are seeing how many boys and girls have committed suicide this often cause creates much nonplussing in our society . Love does come with positive and negative effects but what is important is  to keep consciousness that should not do wrong. Islam never allows us to make wrong relationships.Through negative effect of love we have seen how some sexual cases are  happening which is totally forbidden in Islam.

Parents have always craved that their wards get inordinate knowledge. They send their students to best institutions and they are  tolerating expenditure Unfortunately some children are carrying wrong behoof

Whatever I write that is my ideology

Shaizan Nadaf from plan bandipora presently studying in 12th class with subject ARTS at NM Boys Higher Secondary