I have recently come across various incidents via news in which what i saw was the teachers taking advantage of their positions by thrashing little children so worse that one gets goosebumps after seeing the snaps of those little kids.

Some teachers are being so cruel that they forget that they are dealing with the children and torture them as the criminals are tortured. Recently I read a news with a photo of a small kid from North Kashmir attached in which his cheeks were completely red and the fingers’ marks due to slaps could be easily seen on his face.

So, now the simple question is “Is this how we are going to raise the little children?”. It is being well said that the children become what they see and face, rather then what they are asked to be. So it is simple that these children who are being ruthlessly beaten by their teachers, including the children who watch them getting beaten are going to be short tempered when they will grow up and are going to do the same to their surrounding people.

Coming to traditional teaching method based on so called “Spare a rod and spoil a child”. That had actually been a trap by those who wanted the society get ruined by raising the generation who would not mind the violence so much, then the same people started building gyms, combative academies, supplements for body building and other stuff. Anyways that is a different trap issue, but in nutshell that traditional way of teaching has now been abolished and every teacher must understand that the kid who has to learn will learn without slaps and sticks. And should follow the developed countries like America and Europe where even if we threaten a child, we get arrested, it is because the laws in these countries are made on psychological basis.

Abusing children is directly linked to despotism, as we see the number of harassment cases, rapes rising every single day. The main social causes like the harassment of women is actually done by those who have been raised in a violent environment and these things will not stop unless we start to produce generations who do not face the abuses. Think that the infection is spread in all the body of a person, but doctors treat only one part of the body, will they be cured? That is how the abuse has been spread throughout our society, in every field, but people only talk of the harassment of women, leaving the harassment of children (whether male or female) aside.

Slapping or beating anyone initiates a chain of reaction which can be understood by this example : There is a manager in a company, who is insulted by the CEO of the company. That manager can not say anything back to the CEO, what he does is after going to his cabin he slaps another employee who is of lower rank and then that employee slaps the employee of lower rank and this is how this chain continues. This chain automatically gets formed when we beat a little bud.

Punishing the kids also changes the attitude of them to the “Attitude of punishment” as they are being taught that punishment brings peace and justice. This is the reason that whenever we see anyone doing wrong, our minds works as it runs an algorithm of punishment, thus we keep thinking that punish him, stone him till that and so on.

Whenever we slap any child, think that we have given birth to a criminal. Child is weak, we are powerful and we have sowed the seed of a criminal inside that child. So to make our society a better place, we have to resist child abuse and must stop children getting beaten in homes, schools or any other place.

Disclaimer: This is just my personal opinion and i have no intention to hurt any person or community.

By Muzaffar Ahmad Lone.

From Ferozpora Tangmarg, Currently pursuing Computer Science Engineering in Kurukshetra University.

The author can be reached at :lonemuzaffar38@gmail.com