Masrat Farooq.


valleys first female youngest education enterpruener. There was a time when women had no freedom and therefore were deprived of many great opportunities but with changing time they protested to make their place in the developing world and enhance their life by fulfilling their dreams and gaining a lot of success in every field. As a result today we can see that there is no field where we can witness the absence of women even now they are being included in the forefront of the battlefield. Hence , there is no second thought in saying that: Women are being empowered by themselves. One such example is Masrat , the head of “Smart classes Home tution” and an awardee of “First Female youngest education entrepreneur” by the honorable Governor. She carry a fame ,fame of being the most successful woman icon and inspiration for many. Things are not like what we see but in reality every illuminating thing once has to go through darkness. Masrat had a painful story of how she emerged from pain to success dais and how she managed to turn her sorrows into opportunities. It is generally seen that people don’t easily digest women’s success and always try to create hurdles for her. We can imagine the level of difficulty a woman faces on her way to success crossing the obstacles thrown by male dominated minds. As Masrat farooq had similar impediments in her life ,she faced a lot of oppression by people not only during her struggling days but also after she became successful. She was trolled and bullied by people ,she was trolled hard when her first picture became viral. She was taunted on each point ,some also said like: Why you call yourself an entrepreneur and how you got the award from governor for the same when you are just a teacher and nothing and teaching is not a big deal and is a very common profession adopted by majority of the population ,Masrat being a strong woman never got succumbed to these words and retained her flow as only she know how she first struggled for her education though she was a scholar but still due to poor financial conditions coped with irregular education life and thereafter she struggled even during her college days. It is quite not possible to believe and imagine that a person who suffered and struggled hard taking from early school days till fulfilling her dream has retained so much of optimistic attitude and with that helped herself and her family by emerging out of poor financial conditions and not only this but also helping other people who are in same condition as once was hers because she didn’t want anyone to suffer the way she suffered. It is a harsh reality of our world and society that people only see the ready or perfect part of a person avoiding what he or she may have gone through to achieve this perfection. Today she is having 80 tutors in her organisation and have opened a coaching institute at chanapora chowk near byepass bridge “Smart classes career institute” where she started to offer coaching from 8th_12th Med/Non Med.Today ,Masrat has become an inspiration for millions and is set to become a perfect example of Women Empowerment.