Founder and CEO, Market Buz, Umar RB came with Aash Foundation (Ehsaas Zindagi Ka,) an NGO which was inaugurated today at Fine Dine cafe Rajbagh Sringar.

Speaking on the occassion Founder and Chairman Aash Foundation Umar RB said “We came up with this idea of Aash to bring contributors, donators and needed ones on a common platform and work together for the upliftment of our society.

He said Aash will work for youth by focusing on their education, healthcare, development and various other important issues that our society needs in this hour.

He further added, Aash will work to eradicate the child labour by helping the victims of child labour interms of counselling, and assiting them educationally and financially.

Vijdan Saleem (Radio Jockey) “While appreciating the effort said, when you are thinking about NGO, like Aash don’t think returns interms of money but think you are doing devine services and God always rewards for good deeds.”

Vijdaan Saleem (Radio Jockey), Farhana Bhat (Actress), Shahid Rashid (Fashion Designer), Rj Umar Nisar (TED Speaker) and others were present on the occasion.