What constrained human being to have a day in the name of Earth Day? Why we all are meditating of having the acquittal environment? Is the entire we accomplishing for ourselves to get appeasement with that obligation Or for the accomplishment of our Earth too , I mean the aggregate environment???The Planet Earth considered as the life existing one. So obviously home for all the living species. The earth is enriched with Water and Air thus life existing easily over this planet. This planet is a unique one. Everything over this planet would have been a pure. The air earth consisting was in condition of quality. The water over this planet was of a mirror vision. Who is responsible for all that to get their condition a bad. Thus wastage,sweage, smoke and other elements produced by the producer to pollute the conditions. Thus environmental impact on soil water and air is worse and getting worst day by day. We as human beings are born to our mothers. We never had think of negative about our mothers. When every our Mom is in a bit or slightly uncomfortable feeling we give our 100% to made our mothers to feel comfortable Sometimes we put ourselves in the worst conditions to feel our mothers to be in a calm situation.As we have living. We are sharing goodness with our friends. We are happy. We’re never been seen something we bow in field has not grown up. What ever we does or however we are utilizing the landscape., it never put we people in a disappointment. It is only we people not taking the care of our earth. We know that this part of planet like other planes is not senseless, has a voice has a mind soul with sound temperament. One while going ahead would say what author had chanted!!! Is author really in a conscious decision saying all that. My readers it’s true and 100% truth. I believe that its not true that Almighty Allah had given life with sense and emotions but it is the sense provided by Almighty Allah to the Earth. For that we are the REQUESHAVING ones. We are the mediums. This Human is having the attitude and arrogance for what!!!! Oh Mr. Human it is all you are live because of this piece of land. You should protect that from getting cut down. You should protect this piece of land from getting the plantation desolated. Supply of the water should not be cut off. If earth is giving life to we people. Who are we to shorten the lifeline of earth. If earth is surviving we people why can’t we monitor such fault activities done by we people with our land. If we feel sympathy for our loved ones why can’t we just say thanks to Almighty Allah first then to our soil. As soils produce food grains, give support to our homes. Generate a number of resources that we can never count. In response and in respect we are showing arrogant behavior to our earth !!!why because we have reputation of being a human. Remember dears we are first the dependent then humans. Do you know why??? Because the air we breathe coming only because of land.
The Earth one of the survival assets in this universe. It is the only planet in the cosmos were life exist. The Earth is life for a number of species present on this planet. Like a bride is seen with the previous gold. Thus decorated with the number of ornamental value. Same was with the Earth it was a colourful planet. We at present can hardly view this planet in its real shape. As it is getting a shape that is not know to it. It is as same as when any one put in an atmosphere that totally is unknown to him/her. He/She may thus try to get adjust but due to certain things he/she feeling it hard. The landscape of this planet is snatched with mighty and powerful resources like Air , Water by polluting that. The soil is seen now mostly not gonna give good and healthy production. The soil that is capable of producing the production is made a useless spot. It is we people who are fulfilling our needs. The waste that we have in presence of polythene and other waste is being put in an open landmass. Instead of that we have to think about it, as the level and reputation we have in our society same we have to think is to our earth even more than that. We are eared lessons and motivational speeches of preservation of saturation of soil. Nobody among we is fallowing. The earth is the way to we people. In some parts the beauty upon this landscape is cut down. That day by day makes we people to think about it. We have to think of the nature. We have to think about its beauty. Only then is the presence of we people. Only then may we be called as a beauty. We have to play a role of the beautifying the nature and not to prove one who is snatching the beauty of nature. What am I trying to say is that we have to plant more and more trees. That is too the message of the 22th of APRIL. Sorry we left you alone the nature. Sorry we left you with a mass of a planet and lots of polluting agents on to it.. Sorry that we are too busy with the personal stuff. We on this planet are listening to the people who are making excuses to do nothing. Sorry! Have you imagine how to we our planet would have been??? Actually we didn’t know how it would have been. How it was functional to us until it was gone. Now the initiatives are being taken for it to be recovered. We celebrate dates and occasions like earth day to protect our planet from the fumble things, from toxic agents. We are holding seminars for the awareness of the misuse of the land mass in various manners. We as human beings have to lead upfront to protect the landscape. For example one probably may be knowing that Amazon desert. Would you believe it once was known as Amazon rain forest with billions of trees. Ohh i have interpreted wrongly because we don’t know the speciality of trees. We don’t know how essential the trees for we people are. We don’t know maybe the trees generate oxygen level for we to be alive. The lofty trees freshness preserving plants are cut down. It’s from the trees we have medicine that means trees play a vital role in defending we people but sorry we in response kill their age. We burning them mercilessly. My dear readers the more we adopt more trees secure our lives are. Freshness in our lives may be seen. We need to adopt a manner so that we are our factory system may really run on its ease. We may have to develop our technical necessities in a way that we won’t be a damaging factor in any case. We are alive only because of their presence. There are some bad habits we need to say goodbye. We of our most time seen spending on those reluctantly. We of our most seen to be relayed on such habits. We of our own entertain such bad version quality not only in our willpower but we implementing those such nature destruction habits on our natural relief line too. These are actually some sorry type jobs we are in active. If wee think bit a larger sense then it is laying the greatest negative impact, but if we take it as in a minor thinking and easy a bit then for we people it is a resource. We have to regret all the minor thoughts as they are just important for we as personally. Think in the way that the nature may get its pleasant view back and we too may probably take benefits. Think in a way that when something special gets lost among us, we cry, we mourn, we feel saddened, but we at end of the day are grabbing that special thing. Just like may be the pain to this planet as we are feeling when we so called being humans reflecting and really reacting like animals to this planet , just for our own benefits. That is way we are feeling bitter taste on this planet nowadays. We are living a life full of disease causing agents. My message is that if we cut one tree we need to plant two. That’s how we can be called kind humility with strong willpower. The people using the resources of planet constantly even though the usage at moment is so reluctant that people have for their benefits have lost the control over there senses one, the people have lost their vision by making the use of landmass in a harsher way.
We at this period are not getting the cultivation as it was once. It is all because we have snatched the basic essences the basic requirements, the basic essentialities like water by polluting that in various ways, afforestation, and Air by making that poison to our landmass. I have titled my words as 21April Just a celebration celebrated only for entertainment, full of fun and Pleasure. None of us taking these celebrations as important as they had been. Just a vacant time to be passed and for our personal advertisement we are doing all that. I am really sorry to say that we are reactive with the plantation with a fearful face. We cut them down by using brutal techniques. My dear readers do you know 55% of trees gone from last 100 years. Just for money money and money nothing else. It means that the population of trees is not in a larger scale but I’m saying is of sparsely. It put me in a sorrow situation. Do you know why all that is happening because we don’t care of future. I’m sorry we put Prophet above People, Greed above Need, Rule of God above the Golden rule. I am sorry we used nature as a card of criticcritic with no speeding limits. We have to change the nerve of destruction and have to be soft to our landmass. It is resorted only if we prepare our mindset likewise. The landmass may be a resource to we only if we nurture it like it has expectations.


By :Mudasir Lone wadoora sopore