Siri: Heya! What’s up with the JKPSC?

Me: Hello! Siri.

JKPSC is meant to recruit KAS officers.Just like UPSC is meant to recruit IAS officers.Both Constitutional bodies & mandated with similar role.

If UPSC does it’s job of recruitment, at an All India level, within the stipulated time period of 1 year.
What happens to JKPSC? Why isn’t it able to perform similarly, at much lesser scale of the State? Why does it make the recruitment of the KAS, a 5 year plan?

Siri: Woomph! What are you saying? Does it take 5 years for the KAS exam?

Me: It literally does Siri.Take the instance of KAS-2016.We just entered 2019 & the KAS-2016 lingers on.Heavens know for how long more.

Siri: Heya! I googled & there is this 963 Group on Facebook, who say it’s you fellas, who’re delaying the KAS…”Kabhi Quashment, Kabhi Deferment, Kabhi Stay” What’s this?

Me: That’s actually ludicrous Siri.Let me illustrate:

JKPSC conducted the Preliminary exam.Came out with the result.
Selecting a huge chunk of those, who shouldn’t have been selected…Their official key was faulty.

According to their official key,
the study of oncology came out to be,
the study of Mountains.

And the term of Rajya Sabha came out to be 7 years.

Siri, more than 50 MCQ’S, across General Studies & various Optionals were wrongly marked.
So they selected those, who should have been failed.And failed those who should have been selected.

The Aggrieved Aspirants made Representations before the Commission.
The Commission’s Chairman remained adamant & quipped his famous adage,
“Our key is Foolproof”.

It was only after severe protests by Aggrieved Aspirants, that JKPSC yielded, & revised the keys for good.

This meant 429 aspirants, who had earlier qualified, by dint of the wrong key, were ousted & 429 wrongly ousted, were brought in.

Siri: This is interesting.Go on.

Me: The ousting of 429 opened a Pandora’s Box.
The ousted 429 went to the HC, which opined in its wisdom, that for the fault of JKPSC, Aspirants shouldn’t suffer.
And allowed the ousted 429 to write the Mains examination.

With the inclusion of the ousted 429, some 2200 aspirants had to be allowed in…coz the merit demanded so.

So in toto, 429+2200 were allowed to write the Mains, besides 6000 others.

This flouted the Rule of 1:25.The rule states,
For every post, only 25 Aspirants could write the Mains.

The Justice by whose verdict, the ousted 429+2200 were allowed to write Mains, noted in his judgement,

‘The exam apparently has no future now’.

Siri: So did you all appear in the Mains conjointly?

Me: Siri, the case was sub-judice.We requested the Commission to wait-a-while for the decree of HC.
The commission remained adamant & conducted Mains without 429+2200.
While the Mains was being conducted, the HC decree came & the Mains stood quashed.

Siri: WTH! Keep narrating the tale.

Me: Finally, all of us wrote Mains.6000+429+2200.

There were many aspirants among us, who had been working day & night, since years now, to qualify the exam.They had developed considerable expertise of the KAS exam.Reaping benefits of their toil & expertise, they performed marvellously in the Mains.And the forgone conclusion was, such studious & expert aspirants would make it to the final cut.Interview being just a gentle dodle for them.

The Mains results were declared, & it came out to be a shocker, “to those who qualified, & to those who didn’t”.
A humongous chunk from the hardworkers were missing from the selection list.

The million dollar querry that struck one’s mind was,
If you don’t qualify after years of hardwork & after doing splended in the Mains, then as to how do you qualify?
And who qualifies?

Siri: You have a point here.Keep narrating.

Me: After the Mains result was declared, we realised something was pathetically wrong with it.
Surely the classic case of Mass Error or Mass Scam.Surely!

We made Representations to the Commissions.
The Chairman, parroted the reply,
“Our process is Foolproof”.

Then the Aggrieved Aspirants were left with only one option— to hit the streets & exercise their Democratic right of Peaceful Protest & Prayer.

The protests gained momentum in leap & bounds.From across Jammu Kashmir & Ladakh.
The monumental blunder was castigated by everyone,

Aspirants, Mentors, Civil Society, Media ( Electronic, Print & Social), & more importantly by the KAS officers themselves.

While the JKPSC was in no mood to relent.
The Aggrieved Aspirants moved to the Honourable HC…And highlighted their Monumental blunders:

Hurried & Retrospective introduction of Digital Evaluation (which demands loads of piloting & technological acumen).
Arbitrary Scaling/Moderation.
Re-exam of Zoology citing Mass copying (when such aspirants should have been Debarred, as warranted by norms).
Outsourcing of the Recruitment process to a Private Enterprise (TCS).
Scanning Errors of the Answer Scripts.
Not entertaining RTI.
Changing Rules of the Game midway.Etcetera.

The Honourable HC taking cognizance of the grave discrepancies, admitted the Public Interest Litigation (PIL) against JKPSC & stayed the Interviews, that were to be conducted shortly.

Siri: This feels like a Bollywood flick.

Me: Now you tell me Siri,

Whose fault was it to wrongly mark the MCQ’s in the Prelims?
Whose fault when 429+2200 Aspirants, were allowed in by the Honourable HC?
Whose fault when the Mains exam was quashed mid-way?
Whose fault when the Justice noted, the exam has no future?
Whose fault when the Digital Evaluation & Arbitrary Scaling (which they deny now), wrecked havoc on the hardworking & talented aspirants?
Whose fault when the aspirants hit the streets & protested across Jammu Kashmir & Ladakh concurrently?
Whose fault when the Bench headed by Honourable Chief Justice of the J&K HC, admitted the PIL against JKPSC & stayed the Interview process?
Whose fault, that the talented & hard-working aspirants amidst 963 Group, howsoever fringe they’re, are aggrieved now?

•Ours…who toiled day & night incessantly for years.
•963-Group…which also feature a handful of talented & hard-working aspirants.


Chairman Lateef-U-Zaman Deva’s…
Erstwhile Controller Khalid Majeed’s…

Who despite being Constitutional functionaries, can’t conduct a simple cut & dried exam.

Siri: Shall l talk to Tim Cook & we make a Hollywood Flick over the KAS-2016 Fiasco, on a 50:50 profit sharing basis.

Me: Who shall portray the role of Chairman Lateef-U-Zaman Deva?

Siri: We at Apple are testing the enigmatic Time Machine.Shall we bring back the Adolf Hitler?

PS: Har Ek Baatpe Kehtey Ho Tum Ki Tu Kya Hai
Tumhe Kaho Ye Andaze Guftugu Kya Hai



By Owais Nanda

The author is an educator, an alumni of B-School University of Kashmir & holds a Masters in Business Administration as well a Masters in Public Administration.
He could be reached at