In the name of Almighty Allah the most merciful the most beneficia. Every single thing or single individual is when we deemed of quality ,quality shapes from the evolution, like water bodies were in it’s probably purest from its we who turned them to be called as polluted ones. The land too having it’s quality from the evolution it’s we humans who just are trying hard and hard to get it’s quality as a degrading name,we are successful in that how ashamed is it for us. In the same way Almighty Allah bestowed us with the greatest blessings who are identifying we on this planet that is a woman. Woman had come in this universe in various shapes as are mentioned as you may proceed on. How ashamed are we, we have even degraded this greatest blessings too in various menus. On dates rape culture is common and beast like humans are making an oppression over the woman by forcing them to admit such crime. The woman is put under a tremendous pressure to do this rubbish and odd act. Rape crime is the fourth most common crime in India against women. Worrying factor is that our country is at top as per the NCRB 2013 records. Kashmir valley is too getting involved in this bad activity. Women in Kashmir are under the greatest threat of this worse act. The domestic violence with women is damaging the realness of the society . Nowadays society under the influence and bigger threat of Rape Culture. The society must get in a unite ideology so to curb this worst hit. We need to know that it’s something wrong interpretation provided to a healthy society. Female over this planet is under a wobble state. Female is the one who is probably the technical one. As it’s only a female who is containing and maintaining we all. That is for what I call woman a technical aspect of our society. It’s only a female who is safeguarding we from every single prevailing toughest situations. This woman had lead life in misery from the evolution. The woman is seen in misery at recent. If we go for the past dates it is viewed that woman as a servant is misused. Eather through a lots of work in a low wages, or by having false relations. The woman being torched and exploited. It’s a girl child who was buried alive at times. As on those dates the female birth was in a great threat. If there anywhere would have been the birth of a girl child she was to be buried alive. It was a trend going on. We must be thankful of Almighty Allah who bestowed us with the Religion of Peace and prosperity the religion of Islam. We must be very much thankful for bestowing us the Prophet Muhammad SAW. It’s after the Prophet Muhammad SAW and his Holy Book Quran the woman got the security. They got their right to be in a happy and prosperous living. Almighty Allah in Quran has mentioned clearly that we have to be and behave like humans. For the women in Quran it’s clearly visible that a woman needs to be the sign of modesty. The woman needs to lower her gaze. The woman needs to be of the character like Ashiya ,Maryam, having in their life time. I don’t and totally not blaming only one side of the gender for violating the rights. The man has became a great destroying element by treating a Mother not as per her status, by not giving the dignity to her daughter, or a sister. The society nowadays has lost the faith in one another. That’s very nasty approach to the society especially for the women section. The women section is no more secure and safe. The rape crime is statistically rising up. It’s can be better understood like this, my readers do you know in which society we are breathing and living???you need to know it’s the society of faulty ongoing crime scams are rising. It’s the society we are living in we’re a daughter is not safe in hands of a father. A society were a female is in a state of help. When they call for help they are kept calm for lifetime. Dear readers we need to know that we are just because of a woman. It is a woman who takes care of your every aspect. Making you to feel pleasure. Making you know that she is the first ladder to your goodness. Making you to know you are nothing without a daughter, sister, mother or a wife. Respect your weaker section as per book Quran. As per my thought I never claim woman a weaker section but the woman is the light to a structure of solid society. Why I am saying all that??? Because it’s the lap of a woman from were identity is shaped to any individual but how ashamed are we the one (woman) sacrificing her days and nights just for our single smile in return we are giving them the presence of a beast. Who are in a society still wild. Our Sisters, Mothers, and Daughters are being oppressed and exploited by we the beast natured ones. It’s because of we the well slotted piece of mind abusing the ones who are developers for a characterized society the women power. The women section is put on backfoot at every single time. The women is made to accept that you are a weaker section so what she dominate every field. It’s a male who is taking false advantage over women. My dear readers I felt it important to describe it open and clear so that we must know what is our way of living, what is our behavior with the women..
As a Men we need to respect the society. For that we need to know society is not with us alone but society is with the women. As when ever and who ever in a society use to come, he/she had the first guide, the first preacher, the first mentor his /her Mother. It’s a woman in different roles shaping up the society in a better way then who are men to misguide the woman. Who are men to misrepresent the women. In Islam it’s clear that HIYYAH is the life, and life with out HIYYAH is just a physical shape of a certain body. So my dear readers if there is not a single piece of HIYYAH in our soul we are just a body with no sort of imagination. In other words HIYYAH means life so those who do not have HIYYAH are dead. It’s our soul that is dead thus our physique doing those such activities that are very much like mindless. We are just getting degrees after degrees for what is that for just to rise the graph sheet of crime like rape. In valley this bad vision has put it’s feet. In our valley now every single day this sort of activity is seen. We if calling our selves true Muslims need to be away from such bad activities. As it may give we people the negative version and that negative version may be labeled with our valley. So my readers wakeup and follow the sayings of Prophet Muhammad (SAW). If the intends like this gets a carry on move then near is the future when can say our sisters, daughters, mothers have no space to live. It’s we who has to take the initiative to safeguard them. It’s we who has to fight for the right to life for women if any uncertainty gets prevailed. No one from other part of the world has to come to safeguard them it’s we so say bye to such activities. Any one found out of such activities should be guided. The girlchild her self is too responsible for herself. Alone a mother or a father can not make sure safety for their daughters. Alone a brother can not make it possible. Suppose if a Sister, A daughter, A Mother is given the precautionary measures the Daughter, The Sister, or A Mother has to fallow them precautionaries like how to behave with the strange ones, how to behave in a family and outside family. Etc. The women had their respect in their hands. They need to retain that position that once is given to them as per Quran. It happens all because it’s women sometimes making herself open. She is behaving in a society like she had come for modeling in the world thus not remembering that HIYYAH in them is the part of Emaan. They need to be in limits. Their lives have some restrictions as compared to men. The women are competing with men in every field which is totally not a good sign. Some fields are just made for men. Present days society is society of Slaves. The society of just a desire. I know desire is really that someone use to have with him/her, but the desire like this is a big shame upon us. These desires are picked up in a negative manner. Thus pose the vital impact on the society. Women as a Mother is burning their hearts out just to make it sure her son Or daughter is in a prosperousness facing herself the tougher situation. Women as a Sister are with us only to face the thought the behavior of a goodness. Women in shape of a daughter is the real gift from Almighty Allah. We need to shut our cruelty our this section. We need to adopt the initiatives so that women section may feel eased and in a comfort. The men are in oppression to women in various acts. Just one word from me know your quality don’t put barrier to your quality because your quality is your character. Get changed from wild beasts to a Being Humans. Only thing is how we can get quality life is to fallow the ways and means of truthfulness, spirituality, and tranquility.


By Mudasir Lone