Dear readers Today my vision enlarged on the present generation students. As we all know that knowledge is power. One gaining the knowledge to be called an educated one. One gaining knowledge only because to figure out his/her lifestyle in a simple way. One gaining knowledge only so that he/she may become a sound source for the society. One gaining knowledge only so that to be of moralise sense, vision and feelings. One gaining knowledge only so that he/she may become a real example for others. One gaining knowledge only so that to figure out every single thing on merit. One gaining knowledge only so that to shape the society in a positive way. In present date it is easy to get knowledge but to act on that, is need of an hour. We all are getting everything just by clicking on the tablets. We all are sharing a sensational and sensible video clips but not going as they want we people to go ahead. Actually it is we who are knowledgeable enough but maybe very less of we are educated. We at present date are in the developmental fever. That fever step wise snatching out ways and means of behaviour. That developmental fever just giving us the knowledge only in quantities there is no longer quality role of a ward now getting produced. I knew it is the nation builder who must be thinking we alone are responsible no not at all. It is jointly we all responsible for developing such candidates whom we see are enslaved of these developmental gadgets. The children who are even unknown to the ABC of such gadgets who at most seen accompanied with such developmental tools. A child without learning a lecture from his/her Teacher is preferring the YouTube lecture. What it can do one might not have thought. The same child can once disagree with the people who are the society developers. The same boy/girl once can commence that I don’t need help of any one. This same boy can commence that I don’t need society but society needs me. Do you think what can it do for this boy/girl!!! It will fill the mind of such candidate with attitude and Arrogance. It can widen the gap of moral behaviour of such candidate. Thus the society without moral behavior gets birth. It can develop a society without moral appearance. Do you know that the development in any field isn’t a curse. It’s we who are putting those developmental abilities under the curse comment. Thus becoming a hectic factor for we all to handle with. We now are producing a generation who is elective and selective on internet. That obviously posing the impact on the level of thinking and behaving. It means an individual is not giving his/her ideas regarding any topic but reluctantly relaying on barrowed concepts. Cycle that is circulating the fever of absolute abstraction , chimera or death to the moral basis of a minor student when pitching on the activities of dismissal of thoughts, thinking, imagination and realization with being continuously on the borrowed material. The impact that on his/ her mind may worst hit him/her so what he/she on time is annoying all that.
It is actually the student is make sure to feel free to interact with what is prohibited. It is actually the family from their homes are preparing the children to run away from the modest approach and shyness. It is acceptable that our children are overloaded with shyness but that never means we make it as a curse aspect for our society. We might not get so frankly with our children the gaps may get broken. The modesty may perish away and the sense of belittle neglecting and ignorance would be at its peak. That is what one can figure is common. The children and parents are seen behavioral gap that is rusted away. Now that we can see a parent is giving company to the children beyond limitations. That once again is giving birth to the children with no moral sense. If we may start the little initiatives from our family we will inshallah definitely succeed a day in planting a society full of moral approach with full modesty.
How much the advancement is given to the present generation in respect to steady and they still says make it a bit easier ohh Almighty Allah. One on the date now can get everything just by a click. That is an advantage for the present date generation but how far the present generation students are getting benefited of those such advantages it is just as a matter of concern. I think not much are getting benefits it’s a few genius who took benefits from such sources. Most of us are just relayed on that not gaining knowledge but only copying. It has enamours negative factors to view. Enamours drawbacks to view. One such i have here for you. That drawback if curbed can feel us safe about our future generations. We giving the importance to the individual who had became a Google operator instead of operation of his/her own natural machine (Mind). We are lacking morally. Our character is picking up the prints of uncivilized section. It is all happening because we put pause press on our thinking and starting to go as per Google. It is nothing special we are gaining but definitely we are lacking the thinking power through the impact of internet on any individuals mind and body. Thus kept one engaged with nonsense and stupidity. The Moral approach is dead among the youth only due to the usage of open social sites. The social directors who gave the right direction to a social group are saying that the gap of using gadgets like Mobile phone Or laptop or other materials must be used in a way that the children might not get the flew. As the internet usage in excess can lead greater impact on the memory of children. That can also lead the youth in a wrong direction. As mostly we can see that the social site like Facebook, Instagram etc giving importance to the sense that is very far from being called as a moral person. It also lead great impact on the children as most of the society is involved in the wrong activities. Those activities are forcing new generation to be acceptable of those activities. The teacher in that sense is not respected as a teacher should be. It is only because of generating the element of frankness that is putting pause option on honor and dedication. It also dismantled the gap between the Elders and the children. Now in this date we can view most of the children are feeling it as an enjoying, when the children are seen going hand in hand with the elder one. That means the gap between a child and an elder one is not occupying as it should have been. That is all because of the we give freedom to our children in number of activities that are not suitable for the children at that age. The children feel we have been put open in the field who is there to curb we. That in automatic laying great negative impact on the thinking level of that child. Why I am saying all that because if we see at the end the same folk of students (children) using gadgets other multimedia tools will focus on everything they get from these tools. The children may then try to adopt all that what the get from the gadgets into their personal lives. There may be numerous such activities that one need not to adopt. Thus activities acting as a poison for such students who use the sites reluctantly, consistently time and again. The students just picking up some lecture series too. It may make him/her to be like a copy “ just like one student copying from the other one”. Thus in that manner one cannot get anything and also can’t give anything. Only it can make it to happen the uncertain things. That can lead one nowhere. Some of the institutions and instructional organizations too are responsible for upgrading a morally ill generation. That is why situations are going from bad to worse. Gone are the days when students used to have interface with his//her Teacher and students trying to change the route. Nowadays the moral power of children is so weak that go with teachers hand in hand. Showing the society that if he is not my Teacher by my friend. Same thing happening with our elder ones. They are seen ignored. They are treated as a tissue paper by most of us. It had put impact on the society in a negative way. Our institutions too compromising on certain basis the spread of moral less society. So at last i may say we have to be Teacher from family frist for our children after that a Teacher in any educational field can get it done. Because moral approach or moral sense to one can better be upgraded from home. As home is the first school to a student. If that may not get done we can have an off quality product. With uninterested with books and giving importance to their own ideas if not fruitful.

By Mudasir Lone wadoora sopore