Faraz Ashraf :

Srinagar: It seems that news reading and viewing in Kashmir has finally moved online as people are shifting online to watch and read news.The percentage of consumers in Jammu and kashmir who prefer watch news stories and other news related videos on television sets has plummeted by 70% over the past year, according to a survey done by kashmir Crown in 2018. The number of people who prefer to watch news stories on television sets has declined drastically last year.

This signals an increasing shift in the digital video market consumer behavior. The kashmir crown survey further said that consumers increasingly prefer to watch even TV shows on devices such as laptops, smartphones and desktop personal computers.Besides this, the report said that smartphone has nearly doubled to 41% in 2018 in preference for watching news video clips.
“The ever increasing penetration of the internet mainly through mobile, backed by WiFi and broadband has helped this wave in kashmir to watch news online on smartphones.One more reason for this being that the people have little time to stick with the TV sets,so smart phone is the best news companion for the people in kashmir,Says the survey conducted by kashmir Crown in various regions of south,central and north kashmir.
Besides other digital news players kashmir Crown Online News Group is stands at the number one interms of its reach and engagements with the people.
It was also found during the survey that the age group from 20 to 50 are the major subscribers for kashmir Crown in which the percentage of females is 22% and male percentage watching kashmir Crown is 78%.
Kashmir Crown is one of the largest video news producer in the valley.Kashmir Crown is widely watched for its news stories interms of Online media I’m kashmir.

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