Dear readers nowadays biggest threat to the environment is that environment is made die. Before we Almighty Allah made some greatest and mind-blowing arrangements. All these arrangements are made just for we people. These all species make us to be an advertising one.As Almighty Allah was known that among these species one of the specie is for whom I have made it to facilitate that specie. You have to believe that it we only specie on this land piece who are granted with the strength of thinking. We might prove affective for all other species but ashamed are we we are proving negatively effective upon all other species. We here are only because of some species. Almighty Allah has created this vast biomass with a variety. It’s cent percent we are alive because of the sustainability of a creator. Change is the law of Nature. Every entire thing in thing world gets changed,so thus forming new shapes. Change is good to have but more than good and important is whether this change is a digestible for any other or not???In the meantime we need to know we are only when we are dependent on other species. We are alive only because of the thin layer of biomass. It is for us the feasibility. We are facilitated by every thing we need from Almighty Allah. There was an equalizer in the biomass. That is seeming to be imbalanced. As most of the species from the biomass are no more, hence the interdependence is very much tough. The cosmos has lost the natural value too. The nature is seen under bars. We devalue the realness of this biomass. This layer thus proving the poison to various species who are seen extinguished. We are alive until we are cooperative to our environment. It is with our being the universe The world is, it is with our being the environment is the ecosystem is in a controlled situation. The world since it’s creation has viewed enumerable living species. On this date we can miss lots of such species upon the environment is department. Say for example if we take the specie of birds. Most of the birds are seen extinct. Dodo flightless is one such bird that has gone extinct. Dodo was a Pigeon type with 3.3 feet. We must be well aware that if birds extinct??? What part of landmass gets impacted??? Dear readers a number of plant specie is dependent on birds for pollination of flowers, they spread seeds and eat pests. That is for what we have to care the extinct of species, not only the bird but plant species too needs to be protected. The loss of plant specie could devastate the ecosystem. Apart from the world changing consequences, there’s a whole host of minor things that may take place. Extinction is dominant over bird species since 1500 it is said near about 161 bird specie is classified as extinct ones among them five have gone extinct from wild ones still they are seen under captivity. We can say that the nature is losing its decorum. Nature is no more nature at recent. We are well known that the nature is put to death by our own. We give invitation to certain elements that devastating the purity of nature with in seconds. Invitations like pollution, overharvesting, habitation destruction, introduction of invasive speciesspecies (predicatorspredicators and food competitors) overhunting etc are the real reason for the evolution of extinct of certain species. These are largely lost in oceans and on land. It is also driven by the human activities such as changes in land use pattern, climate, fishing and poaching. The endangered species are put on target only through the human violent acts. Are you known of what would happen if they are made to be the extinct ones. The endangered ones became endangered either by the loss of habitation or by genetic versions. Loss of habitation is proven naturally but we can’t forget ourselves who for self security are guarding the buildings,and other constructive elements thus we are not remembering we are alive only when other species are with us. We are thus gaining no protection for other species. We alone can not go a single step forward it is for sure. So need of a hour is to care protect other species before we so that an ecological balance may get recreated as it was by Almighty Allah.
One such extinction is of Dinosaur. Dinosaurs extinction dried up the climatic conditions, and hotned too. Habitation is acquired by humans as it’s best example is the Amazon forest that is cleared at a speedy move. So it is a development that can endanger the species quickly. If we scratch the nature for our benefits we need to know the global biodiversity is seen lost much more faster than natural extinct. We have to cure the animal and plant specie first. It is after that we are expected to exist. So as human we have right to make the animal and plant specie to execute, so that we can get executed in a relative way. May Almighty Allah give us that piece of presence so that we can react with the species in a soft, smooth and humble sense. It all may be gained by giving first preference to the other species so that the name endangered may get eliminated.

By Mudasir Lone