The education system has a tremendous responsibility to transform a child into a quality leader, the transformation from what can you do for me! To what can I do for you! Ever since the chaos and confusion broke out across south Asia, the educational institutions have always been effected through and through. Tell us honestly, how creative minds or budding blooming youths of Kashmir can be the leaders of Tomorrow’s society? Oh no! They can never be when you are not leaving any stone upturned to choke their space for education. After the Pulwama dreadful attack which was almost vehemently denounced by quarters of societies. All the eyes of oppressed Kashmiris were moistful. Then all of sudden the government of India has come up with null and void strategy that was the “No public transport would be allowed during convoy”. It was nothing again but a failed attempt on the part of GOI to deal with lingering tension. The millitary convoy has already disrupted public movement across Kashmir Giving them more powers, they are halting now school buses in a broad day light, which is matter of great concern. These buses carry students not militants , guns, rdx’s , and other weaponry’s educational institutions gets effected by strike calls, off and on they remain open Two or three days in a week due to prevailing pandemonium. Going through the history of Kashmir, school buses have not carried out any militant attack in the land of conflict and unpredictability . Its the serious concern for all of us why school buses are being halted by security forces during convoy? Behind it there seems to be framed pattern to darken the future students of Kashmir. Once the government of India termed  that “there should be laptops and other required instruments in the hands of students rather than stones “Thesesmall children need not your laptops and other required instruments related to their studies. They have fed up due to this prevailing chaotic circumstances which created by Army convoy when they are passing on roads. They want to get rid from this kind of disturbing situation. They need love, care  freedom from dreadful violence. Let them live in a peace of stability and harmony. Let them live not in a peace of fear psychosis. So let me wrap up, by raising some relevant questions in this regard.Can you achieve any dramatic turn by halting school buses?Are these futures of nation carrying grenades, bullets, guns, Rdx’s, if not why do you waste their time by halting their buses? By using violence, you can see violence too from other side. The prime minister of India shri Naredra modi remarked that “we had not fight with the people of Kashmir, we had fight with Kashmir ” oh yes! But on ground situation says something different people of the war toned zone witnessed that harassment of security forces when the convoy is plying on roads. The Government of India needs to revoke it’s decision to allow the traffic movement during convoy,becsuse the school buses which strike in traffic jam could not reach to their respective institutions. The Ambulances which face same are not able to carry to bring the patients on time. This move of govt of India would add more fuel to the problem. If you want to create a page in the history of Kashmir and in south Asia you need to shun stubborn approach and iron fist strategy via a vis Kashmir. Let’s deal the people of Kashmir with the heart and soul rather than using harsh measures.Hope the peace and tranquility prevails throughout south Asia.

(The Views expressed are authors own Kashmir Crown does not necessarily reflect the ideology or views expressed in article)

Author :-Irshad Hussain Student of convergent journalism at central university of Kashmir